“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow man” – Herman Melville

To plan a 3 day event with over a hundred quilts and heirloom stitching samples, extensive marketing, quilt submissions, catalogueing, photography, baking/cooking for the lunchroom, serving and prepping in the kitchen, creating of the quilt for the raffle, set-up and take down of the exhibit – takes hundreds of volunteer hours! Two years in the planning, the Heritage Quilt Event was another unprecedented success even with the unseasonal winter weather that plagued the region. Freezing rain, high winds, power outages, and still the regional quilters showed up.

The Bach Music Festival of Canada extends our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Heritage Quilt Committee and the Volunteers that brought this special event to life!

Heritage Quilt Committee:

Co-Chairs: Diane Carsons & Michele Haberer

Committee: Heather Moffatt, Debbie Roy, Bonnie Sitter, Cathy Seip, Jean Jacobe, Linda Bartlett, Les Cudmore, Gerald Fagan

Quilt Show Volunteers: Sharon Straus, Barb Gackstetter, Lois Kopp, Bev O’Dell, Diane Atkinson, Alma Westlake, Heather Moffatt, Sharon McNeilly, Mildred Northcott, Linda Traquair, June Glavin, Pauline McFadden, Catherine Weber, Dianne Dawson, Bev Ivatts, Joan Stuart,  Lorraine Frymire, Pauline Hitsman, Sharon Crozier, Carol Mills, Glena Olcen, Marg Desjardine, Janice Hawkins, Joseph Hisey, Anne Wickie, Bev Van Ninhuys, Iris Currell, Shelly Bourne, Mary Margaret Thompson, Margaret Fouts, Janis Bisback, Eleanor Petrie, Linda Robertson, Friedhelm Hoffmann, Michelle Roy, Conrad Sitter, Laurie Dysktra, Karen Etherington, Joanne Bowen, Lynda Tghart, plus the bakers, the pie makers, sandwich and soup makers, tea/coffee servers, chili, cookie and muffin makers, the set-up and take down crew, and the Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church Family.

Special thanks go to the people who graciously allowed their quilts to be a part of the Showcase. All personal treasures with many as family heirlooms, being a part of this once in a lifetime collection gave great meaning and story to the show.

Photo by Bonnie Sitter

Photo by Bonnie Sitter