CHOR AMICA under the Direction of Gerald Fagan is one of the newest chamber choirs in London, Ontario, gathering an exciting group of musicians to perform choral gems in all genres to a professional standard. CHOR AMICA (a choir of friends) feels that London is a haven for fine choral groups, and we are happy to be a part of that tradition, building it collaboratively with other local ensembles as we sing great music from around the world.

CHOR AMICA singers embody a wealth of musical expertise: many have university or college degrees in music studies, some are teachers or church musicians, and many conduct their own choral and instrumental ensembles. Several come from other provinces and countries bringing with them impressive backgrounds in music studies and performance. These singers live and work in London, St. Thomas, Bayfield, Goderich, Lucan and Parkhill.

CHOR AMICA is committed to a close working relationship with the Bach Music Festival of Canada and performs at that festival every second year. We trust that our rehearsals together culminate in performances that will be enjoyed by all.

Gerald Fagan- Artistic Director

In a distinguished career, Gerald Fagan has influenced generations of musicians. As Conductor of Chorus London and the Concert Players Orchestra, he conducted virtually all of the major symphonic/choral masterpieces. His chamber choir, The Gerald Fagan Singers toured Europe many times, bringing Canadian music to England,  Belgium, the Netherlands,   Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Monaco, France and Spain.

As well as the Founding Conductor of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, Mr. Fagan  (three times Conductor of Festival 500 in Newfoundland and Labrador),  lead All Provincial Choirs in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Alberta. In 2010, Gerald Co-founded the Bach Music Festival of Canada, and organized his new chamber choir CHOR AMICA.

Honours bestowed on Mr. Fagan include the “Citizens Medal” of Lithuania, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal of Canada, an Honorary Licentiate from Conservatory Canada, Cultural Citizen of the City of London, and an Honorary Citizen of Huron County.

Together with his wife Marlene, they received membership to the Wall of Fame at Western University, and in April of this year were awarded entry into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall of Fame

In 2012, Gerald received the Order of Ontario; and in February of 2017 he was awarded the Order of Canada.…..the highest civilian honours of the Province and of our Country.