The Celebration Continues!

The Bach Music Festival of Canada’s 2013 edition is now past,   and what a celebration it was.    Spurned on by our initial Festival  in 2011,    this year’s musical feast was fueled by fabulous performances,    standing ovations,  and a camaraderie that will be remembered forever.   Our patronage continued to grow,  as we witnessed a broad base of support from many new sponsors;   and we happily observed an expanded audience base from across Ontario and into the United States.  The  variety of programming garnered new audiences,   and the world class calibre of the performing forces now sets a standard for our future.

Exeter Ontario ,  with its unique geographical location,  offers a hometown welcoming that has gained an immediate recognition with our audiences.    So now we look forward with enthusiasm to the next Festival.     We are already in the planning stages of performances,   and will again offer the genius music of J.S. Bach,  as well as an international variety of music of interesting genres.
This concept has been the mainstay of our popularity,   so keep on the radar for our future programming and world class musicians.
Watch for future exciting developments as we continue our celebration.

See you in 2015!

Gerald Fagan

Artistic Director